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IRF News (International Road Federation)

Find out the latest news, events, incentives and developments from the International Road Federation.  AASHTO is a member of the federation and each SCOH member has access to the member login with this organization.  Take advantage of this transportation network.

International Road Federation

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IRF is especially passionate about its partnership with AASHTO and the fresh, highly relevant training and information it provides to state DOTs. At a time of limited travel resources, IRF can be state DOTs’ window to the global road safety and mobility industry. Through AASHTO, all state DOTs are automatic members of IRF.

Monthly updates

Find out the latest news, events, incentives and developments from International Road Federation via IRF’s monthly distributions IRF Notes and IRF Events.

Some of IRF’s services for ASSHTO and state DOTs:

  • Exclusive domestic and international speaking and training opportunities
  • Preferential rates to all IRF events and services
  • Access to a network with thousands of transportation professionals in over 150 countries
  • Complimentary monthly online training seminars, known as Webinar Wednesday

Building the future

The IRF believes the future of road system development and safety lies in further education. IRF’s Fellowship Program is the product of that belief. This Fellows program funds post-graduate study and then gives the students a chance to apply what they’ve learned.

International Road Federation

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