SCOH Reports and Survey Results

Project Delivery Joint Technical Committee – Survey on Project Delivery (March 2011)

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Responses from SCOH regarding Reauthorization Issues

AASHTO's reauthorization survey to SCOH had to do with "What specific problems or issues is your State DOT having related to current eligibility requirements that are limiting projects you would like to fund with federal-aid? AASHTO staff developed a spreadsheet and made an initial determination to which Team the suggested "eligibility" issues should be assigned Twenty-two States responded to this question and identified 35 eligibility issues. Based on our review we found:

  • The Highways team has 15 issues
  • Metro Mobility team 2 issues
  • Program/Project Delivery 5 issues
  • Freight 3 issues and
  • Funding has 10 issues

If you have any questions regarding these issues and assignments, please contact the AASHTO at 202-624-5862.

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