Chair: Kirk Steudle, Michigan
Vice Chair: Paul Degges, Tennessee
Secretary: Walter "Butch" Waidelich, FHWA
AASHTO Liaison: Jim McDonnell 

Charge Statement

The committee shall develop all major engineering standards, guides, and policies for the highway program and either as a unit or through its subcommittees, investigate, study and report on all engineering activities and developments, including all phases of road and bridge design, construction, maintenance, traffic requirements, roadside development, aesthetics, tests and investigations of materials, protection of the environment; make recommendations regarding needed research, promote and encourage technology transfer by member states and related research agencies; and be responsible for providing the full range of highway engineering publications for the Association. It shall identify and receive reports from its subcommittees and task forces as to federal regulatory mandates of national concern, and provide reports thereon. It shall provide guidance and direction to its subcommittees and task forces on technical issues, review of work plans, and identifying key policy areas through its councils.

The councils are identified as the Council on Project Delivery and the Council on Operations. These councils shall be composed of various subcommittees, task forces and sub-units duly established and function within the Standing Committee on Highways. New subcommittees, task forces or other sub-units within the Standing Committee on Highways will be assigned to one of the councils as deemed appropriate by the Chair and with the approval of the committee as a whole. A simple majority of the committee members is required to approve such an action.

The chairs of the assigned SCOH subcommittees, task forces, assigned sub-units to the council, and other members as recommended by SCOH shall be members of the councils. The chairs may designate their vice-chair or another designee to attend council meetings as necessary. The chair of the council shall be recommended by SCOH and appointed by AASHTO’s President. The chair of a council shall appoint one of the members as the vice-chair of the council.

The Councils will have the authority to task the respective subcommittees, task forces, and sub-units within SCOH with providing technical assistance in support of its directives.

The subcommittees, within the framework of the engineering standards and policies developed by the Standing Committee on Highways and formalized by the Association, shall develop such technical details, guides, manuals, specifications, and other publications appropriate for their individual activities and needs. All subcommittees and special committees subordinate to the Standing Committee on Highways shall report to the Chair thereof.

All task forces established under a committee or subcommittee shall report to the chair thereof. The committee is delegated the authority to take appropriate action on behalf of the Association on matters submitted to it by the Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering, and shall report such actions to the Board of Directors.

The standing committee shall be responsible for administering NCHRP 20-7 on behalf of AASHTO. This program is aimed at providing rapid solutions to small or modest research problems having general applicability to the states. While project proposals may be made by any AASHTO Member Department, a decision to proceed shall be by majority vote of this committee.

Each Member Department shall be entitled to membership on the Standing Committee. The member shall be designated by the Chief Executive Officer of the Member Department, and should be the person considered as the Department's Chief Highway or Engineering Officer.

Operating Procedures for the Standing Committee on Highways approved September 17, 2005

AASHTO Staff Liaison - Jim Mcdonnell
(Assisting: Marty Vitale

Reporting Commitees (you can find these committees and programs under the heading in the AASHTO Banner under Committees and Programs)


Bridges and Structures

  • Construction
  • Design
  • Highway Transport
  • Maintenance
  • Materials
  • Right-of-Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control
  • Transportation Systems Management and Operations
  • Traffic Engineering

 Joint Committees

  • AASHTO Innovation Initiative
  • AASHTO/ACEC - Joint AASHTO - American Council Of Engineering Companies Committee
  • SCOP-Asset Management (SCOP/SCOH)

Special Committees

  • Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering
  • Special Committee on Wireless Technology
  • NTPEP Oversight Committee
  • Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3)