Developed by AASHTO and administered by NCHRP, the U.S. Domestic Scan Program facilitates technology transfer among transportation agency staff by creating opportunities for face-to-face information exchange on selected timely topics.

On a typical scan, a traveling scan team of state DOT staff and federal representatives will visit and exchange knowledge with several host agencies identified as technical experts or early adopters of the selected innovative technology or practice. Approximately three to five scan tours have been conducted annually since 2007 addressing a wide range of DOT business and operations.

The U.S. Domestic Scan Program website is a central source of information for the program as a whole as well as resources on individual scans (including final reports, scan team membership, and host sites visited).
To submit a scan proposal please select the following web site.  This site will instruct you on how to complete the form and submit your proposal.
Additional information about NCHRP contracting and administration of the program may be found on the NCHRP Project 20-68A Web page.